Camping Chairs Comfort in the Wilderness While in Traveling

Have you ever stood in the outdoors for a long time, wishing that you had a great camping chair to comfort your sore legs and back? A quality camping chair can provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment, while you relax and look at the scenery that nature created. Below you will find tips for picking out the right camping chair.

Camping is hard work. There is a lot of setup, and coupled with some hiking trips, you will need to get some good rest.

A comfy chair will be just what you need after your chores or outings. There are many camping chairs to choose from. But certain qualities are more valued than others. You will want one, which is constructed of durable material, which can handle the elements you will be exposed to. It should also provide easy setup and have a carrying case or handle. The chair should fold compactly and be lightweight. In addition, you will want it to adjust to the uneven campgrounds you will be using.

You can purchase something as basic as a stadium seat like camping chair. These are padded and allow you to sit on an even level with the campfire without the feel of rocks or logs beneath you. They even come in long-back styles to provide up to four inches of height for added back support.

Another type of chair is the traditional folding chair, or the sling-back type of camping chair. Some will come with padded seats and backrests. They can be equipped with cup holders or shades and umbrellas for protection from rain or the sun. They also come with long-back styles and foot rests. Some styles even come with connecting side tables for your cool drink on that hot summer afternoon, or your sandwich and snack.

Lounger chairs are also becoming popular in the camping world. They have removable headrests and include padding around leg and back supports. These will provide you the ability to lie around the campfire on a comfortable piece of equipment. If you really want something different you can try the hanging chair.

This will have adjustable levels of incline as well as positions. Removable pillows will provide for easy cleaning. Swinging on one of these in the great outdoors will provide a new level of comfort and relaxation.

In choosing the camping chair to best fit your needs in providing comfort, you must consider several factors. First, you must determine a chair height, which you find appealing. Would you rather sit low and in a slouch position or higher up with a straighter posture? Consider your height to determine how high you want your back support to be, and your weight to decide how wide you want the seat to be.

You want a chair that will be easy for you to get out of, and one, which will adjust to uneven ground. The end result will be a perfect fit for you and provide you with hours of relaxation as you enjoy your nature setting.

The Travel by Cruise to See World

For those who are new to cruising, you will find that you can benefit a lot from going with an experienced cruise line. You will find that there are lot of stories and tips that will allow you to make the most out of your cruises and so you can avoid a lot of unpleasant experiences.

When it comes to getting to the cruise you will want to have your paperwork and id in hand when you get to customers. You will be required to show your passport or ID to get the ticket or to get on the cruise. You will find that if you know where you have placed them, you’ll be able to produce them quickly and you’ll avoid a lot of stress and possible embarrassment.

You may want to keep them in your wallet until you get through customers, but you will want to make sure that you have it in a safe place. You want it to be accessible, but you want it to be in a safe place as well.

You will want to have copies of things like your driver’s license, passport, or visa because you never know when they are going to get stolen or lost. You will also want to have backups in credit cards or traveler’s checks. You may want to have a copy at home so someone can forward the information to you safely and easily.

You will also want to take a copy with you and place it in a safe on board. You may have one in the room, or in the captain’s room. Always carry the originals and the copies separately, but have them with you at all times.

You will also want to keep in mind that if you don’t have a window and you are in a cabin in the middle of the ship, you will want to have a clock with you so that you can have something to wake you up at the right times. You will find that it will be easier for you to be on time for the scheduled events.

Also, there is no laundry mat so you need to make sure that you have a place to put the clean clothes and the dirty ones so that you can make a distinction between the two. You may want to bring a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes in.

You may also want to get an extension cord or two so that you can use the outlets on the ship. The outlets are not in standard location and they can be out of reach for your pleasure.

Also make sure that you put things like your lotions, shampoos, and anything else that might leak in a plastic bag. When you do this you will avoid your clothes from getting stained. Also, place your medications in a zip lock bag that is clear so that you can easily go through customs.

You will also want to keep in touch and you will want to get some prepaid phone cards. This will save you some money, rather than use the phones on the ship. With the cell phone you may think that you’ll be covered, but you are going to pay for being out of the area and you may not be able to get a call to go through. You will find that the rates of using your cell phone can end up to be a lot more than you would expect.

Also, you will want to take pictures. It is important that you take extra batteries, memory, and other things that you may want to have related to the camera. The last thing that you would want to do is run out of film, but you will also want to be aware of the security of the ship and that the scanners for security will ruin your film. This is something that you will want to keep in mind. Sometimes digital is better.

You will want to get your Binoculars to take on the trip as well. You can get a closer look at things and everything with a better view.

Lastly, you will want to make sure things go as perfect as possible. However, there are going to be moments that are less than perfect. Don’t worry about a stain on your clothes or the small things. You’re there to enjoy yourself so let go of all your stress and tensions and enjoy the trip. When you let go of the everyday worries, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and have a great time.

Picking the Right Airplane for Your Travel While You Are at Flight School

If you are at flight school for traveling right now or are considering joining a flight school and gaining your certification as a pilot, then you are surely looking forward to your first solo flight. The question that might be first in your mind, then, is what plane should you start with? With various planes available at most flight schools that you can choose to train on, you need to decide which one you wish to become familiar with first.

While you may think that it doesn’t matter which plane you train in while you are at flight school, it does in fact matter. This is because every model of airplane is different, and one airplane might have certain controls that another airplane lacks, or one might require a slightly different set of skills than another. This means that getting training in the specific type of plane that you intend to fly after getting your pilot’s license is important.

Cessna 172SP Skyhawk’

The Cessna 172SP, otherwise known as the Sky hawk, is among the most popular training planes at many a flight school around the world. This is mainly due to its easy handling and forgiving characteristics, making it an excellent beginner’s airplane and also great for those who intend to take up flying more as a casual hobby than anything else. The Sky hawk also has a reputation for being one of the safest propeller-driven aircraft ever built, and you will never have to worry about the integrity of your airplane while you are flying in a Sky hawk.

Cessna T182T Sky lane Turbo

The Cessna T182T, also known as the Sky lane Turbo, is among the most popular aircraft favored by private pilots around the world. With more power and a greater climb rate than the Sky hawk, the Sky lane Turbo is for the more enthusiastic pilot who is looking for greater performance and maneuverability from his airplane. The built-in turbocharger ensures that the airplane never lacks for climbing power and will boost you into the skies at great speed. After climbing, the Sky lane Turbo maintains great cruise speeds smoothly and with no trouble at all.

Cirrus SR 20 GTS

The phrase you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the airplane industry. The most notable of the Cirrus SR 20 features is the air frame parachute that is built into each aircraft. In the event of a midair collision or other accident, the mechanism will do exactly as its name suggests, and deploy a parachute that will float the airplane and any passengers safely back to the ground, making this quite possibly the safest option you could choose.

If you are concerned about safety, then this added safety feature of this particular plane surely makes it the choice for you. The Cirrus SR 20 also seats four people comfortably, so if you are thinking of taking your friends and family along with you when you fly, then this is also the plane for you. Finally, the Cirrus SR 20 comes complete with a full complement of technological features and gadgetry to aid you in your flying, such as satellite weather updates, terrain and traffic warning systems, and on-screen approach plates.

So whatever you’re personal preferences as to flying characteristics are, you are sure to find what you are looking for in one of the great airplanes described above. Train hard while you are at flight school and you will soon be flying solo in one of these airplanes, with the land spread out below you and the sky above, free as a bird.

Cheap Travel Europe Tips for Best You Can Get at Affordable Travel

Travel is an important aspect and to a certain extent provides the much needed freedom to take a break from the monotony of life. Exploring new places and interacting with the different culture is quite a unique experience.

For most of the people, who intend to take a holiday prefer Europe over other destinations. It is easily connected and comes as worth the money paid. Moreover, one can have the best of everything. Fir those who want to get the maximum without paying too much can opt for cheap travel Europe.

What is the reason behind people opting for cheap Europe travel?

The reason of course is that the package offers flexibility and liberty to the travelers, so that they can plan and pick up their itinerary, as per their wish. Further, this tour package is one of the best ways to look in to different shades of this beautiful continent. As matter of fact, Europe offers some of the best views in terms of nature and man-made structures dotted all over the continent.

In this regards, this tour package certainly assists you to make decision and plan an itinerary, so that you don’t miss out any anything. For a hassle and trouble free travel, all the details such as booking of hotels and reservations are made beforehand. The entire package is planned in such a manner that it all comes within the budget. In fact, you get to save a lot as the booking of flights and cabs, sight-seeing etc. are designed such that it does not hurt your pocket too much.

The time frame is also taken in to consideration and most important of all, the budget is what makes this tour package popular among the people. There are number of sites available online, who are known to offer this tour package. On taking a detailed study of these studies, you will be able to collect the information pertaining to the tour package.

This way, you can select a particular that comes well within your budget and offers the best deals. Cheap travel Europe is a tour package with difference, as it offers one of the best tour packages, as it offers a hassle free comfortable trip to this beautiful land.

Great Experienced Staying in a Luxury Hotels

I travel sometimes anywhere in the States and overseas like visiting my sister in Switzerland and my sister and her husband lives in Bern which one of my favorite City to visit. When we are there we also roam around there. My favorite places to visit there also is Matter as where the known and unique shape of mountain called “Matterhorn” and I liked Logan, Bern, Nuzzler, Zurich (which is known desirable place to live in), Geneva and other tourist place in Switzerland.

I have been there on year and recently was last year on November. I had a blast visiting my sister there and the reason why we visited my sister as she delivered a baby that time and it was her 1st baby, my 1st nephew and 1st grandchild of my parents and it was great!

My husband and I book online a hotel and sometimes we do stay in a very nice hotel when there is an occasion. We did stay in one great hotel in Vegas called the Venetian hotel during our civil wed and 2nd time on year when we get back in Las Vegas during our 2nd anniversary and we did stay there one of the nicest hotel in Vegas which is the Belladonna.

The Belladonna is one of my favorite hotels that we stayed in since the fountain looks beautiful as they danced with the music and besides they have beautiful gardens that you can see their and you can say it is a luxury one, because of the lavish decorations. I do love to stay in Venetian and Belladonna hotel again and perhaps one day when we go there and when there is an occasion or in our 4th year anniversary of marriage.

which is a great and helpful website that I liked, because it helps you to find good rates and it compares over 30 of major reservations site at once and it really amazed me as it is quick and easy as all what you do, you can type the search the name of the hotel or you can browse by country and you can find different kinds of hotels how much is rate and how good it is as they are rated by stars. It amazes me, how it really such a great help to people who are traveler and people who are seeking where to stay anywhere in the world.

Choose the Colors to Paint in Your House Room

Select the color space where we spend most of our life is not easy, but not too complicated. It really all depends on the type of character you have, the style with which you identify and emotional moment for which you are going through.

For example, if looking to relax, so it was ideal for me to go for neutral colors such as cream or white tones in all its varieties. With these I could make a balance by placing accessories in warm shades of orange, green, red, blue, gold and red. These included them as part of my bed linen, furniture and other accessories such as portraits and decorative.

Another alternative for anyone looking for this change is to paint the walls with clear cool colors like blue, green or lavender tones which are directly related sensational of calm and relaxation. To give more prominence to the space, you can paint the walls with lighter variations and enhance the space with accessories like pillows and decorative pillows.

Painting with these colors will make our room look a little bigger than it is and give you a feeling of spaciousness and serenity that evokes the sea. The pastel pink, lavender and violet can also be applied for bedrooms, especially when it comes to rooms or adolescents.

Selecting the color

Choose two or three samples of paintings and give yourself time to review them at different times of day. At least it will take a couple of days, because you need to know if the colors you choose have the effect you’re looking for with the intensity of light and heat entering your room.
If you are looking vividness to your space, choose to build on the softer tones on the walls and smaller, intense tone accents. If it’s a shared room, agree with your partner so you both decide the color to be painted.
Combine colors will give a more natural feel to your room, use light or pastel colors on the walls, ceiling and carpets, and bright colors with dark curtains and upholstery.
Use accessories such as plants, vases and chairs to go with your color scheme throughout the room. If not count on a tight budget, choose paint everything white and balance the environment with pastel accessories like window blinds, bedspreads and pillows can add a touch of color.
Remember that rooms for children should have bright colors to convey joy and warmth. For girls can fill with bright colors on a white, in the case of the children must be very intense shades like turquoise or orange or blue with green.

About Patio Room or Sun Room for Your Home

I’ve seen a number of questions on different web sites requesting information about patio room or sun room pricing.  (We have one posted on this blog that we found online.) It’s hard to answer those questions, because there are so many variables in determining the price.  That’s one reason why it is very difficult for a contractor to offer a “ballpark price” or a square footage price off the top of his head, for a Patio Room or Sun room.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that affect the price:                               

Is there an existing concrete pad or patio upon which the room can be built?

If the answer is “yes”, that can save a lot of money.  However, in most cases a concrete patio has no “footer” around the perimeter.  Today most permit issuing government agencies require footers.  This will add a substantial amount to the cost.

Is there an existing deck upon which the room can be built?

What will be required to make it usable with the new room?

New flooring additional posts additional joists, replacing of existing construction members, or replacement of the entire deck?

Lots of room for additional costs here

If there is no concrete patio and no deck to build on, which is needed which will work best.

Which is the most affordable?

Which will look best with the existing house?

Usually, a deck is substantially less costly than a concrete foundation, but will need to be insulated.

Is a deck acceptable to your neighborhood association?

Oh yes, can a contractor get equipment to dig footers into that area of the yard?

Underground utility lines or pipes

Then there are the questions about the room itself.

What about the style of the roof?


Sloped slightly in one direction Or Cathedral/Gable?

Peaked in the middle sloped on two sides Certainly, the latter is substantially more expensive than the former.

What about the walls?

All glass

Knee walls?

Sliding windows?

Sliding doors

Single layer glass 3 season room

Insulated glass (4 season room)?  Generally, the more glass you have, the more expensive the room.  One of the purposes of having a patio room or sun room is to have a lot of glass, a great view, and lots of light.  Glass, floor to ceiling, and glass in the gable (if there is one) add a lot of expense.

You could have sliding doors with transoms above, or sliding windows with upper and lower transoms, but using fill panels for a knee wall under and over the sliding windows will reduce the price of your room dramatically and can still be very attractive.

Is the room going to be a three season or four season room?  If you want to use it comfortably all year round, it will need to be a four season room.  With a three season room, you might not be able to use the room comfortably during the hottest or the coldest weeks of the year.

Will there be heat and air in the room?  Can you add duct work to your existing heat/air system and if so, does your existing system have the capacity for the added space? Or, will you put in a combination unit through the room wall such as a GE Zone line unit (like you see in hotel/motel rooms)?

Often times, the sales rep will recommend a single pane glass system with a GE Zone line Heating/Cooling unit trying to keep the price down and make the sale.  They may even tell you it can use as a year-round room that way.

But they seldom explain that you will probably get condensation inside the room from the glass being hotter in summer than the air inside the room or colder in the winter than the air inside the room.  This may or may not be an important consideration.  Building a room on an existing concrete pad may also cause condensation issues.

Will the room require an electrical package…lights and outlets?  Your contractor may want you to get your own electrician.

How much will that cost?

Do you want a ceiling fan?

Who supplies the hardware?

Who installs it?

Can the room be rewired?

(This looks a lot better than conduit on the inside or outside of the room.)  Do existing outlets or plumbing fixtures need to be moved?  Who is responsible for that?  What will it cost?  Are there overhead power lines or electric or gas meters that need to be moved?

What kind of flooring will be installed?

Is the contractor responsible?

Will it be installed by the room installers, or people who specialize in flooring?

Is a building permit required?

The answer is almost always YES! Do not sign an agreement without specifying that the contractor is responsible for the permit and the costs related to the permit.

Electrical permits?

Plumbing permits?

These items and others make it difficult to give a “ball park” estimate on a patio room or sun room.  Try to have an idea what type and what size room you would like and how you would use the room.  Then get referrals from friends or neighbors who have purchased rooms.  (Always ask them about any warranty issues and how the company performed.)  Call for an appointment for an estimate.

Then, you and your spouse (if there is one) should both be there.  Information passed from one party to another to another is often incorrect.  Call or go online to the Better Business Bureau.  Get the reports before the companies get there. Don’t make a decision until you have talked to at least three qualified companies and have called a few references.

Most companies will offer a “first call” discount if you can make a decision while the sales rep is there.  I always tell consumers that this first call discount price is the price they want you to pay, but it is not the lowest price they will accept.

How to Install Hardwood Floor in Your Home Floor

Before proceeding to explain how to install hardwood floor, let me tell you that hardwood flooring installation is not very hard if you have prior experience in some DIY home projects. Most experienced Do-It-Your self can install hardwood floor themselves. But if you don’t have any prior experience in any DIY home project, then I would suggest you to hire some expert for the job. Home owners with no such experience can make things messy and damage the floor.

Things Needed To Install Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor

  1. Hardwood Floorboards
  2. Felt paper (Non-tarred)
  3. Saw to cut
  4. Snap Line (Chalk to mark straight line)
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Nailed (To drive nails into wood)

Surface Preparation

The first step to start with is to prepare the sub floor for installation of hardwood floor. The sub floor must be level and firmly fastened to the floor joists. Check and Recheck. Fix screws if required. This will add strength to the sub floor and prevent creaking. Leave the hardwood floorboards for few days in the room where you plan to install it. This will allow the wood to adjust to the room temperature.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Install Hardwood Floor (wall-to-wall nail installation process)

  1. Make an under lament of felt paper by stapling it to sub floor. This will prevent the hardwood boards from moisture and also reduce footfall noise.
  2. Check the space below the base of the door. There should be enough space to insert the wood planks. If required, cut the base of the door frames. Remove all edgings, quarter-rounds, baseboards and the door threshold.
  3. Decide the layout direction for the floor planks. As a general rule, planks should be laid at 90 degree or 45 degree to floor joists. It is upto you to decide how you want your floor to look.
  4. Using measuring tape, take measurement of the width of one plank. Note it down and add 3/4″.
  5. Based on the above measurement (Step-4), draw a guide line parallel to the starting wall using a snap line. Make sure the starting line is straight and square.
  6. Decide on arrangement of the planks. Use different shades and grains for different rows. This will give better look to the finished floor.
  7. Lay the first plank along the guide line. Select the straightest full planks for the first row. Measure the length of the second plank needed and cut if required. Keep in mind that wood is subject to expansion and contraction. So, leave a gap of about ¼” from the wall for expansion.
  8. Start laying the second row with the length left over from the end of the first row.
  9. Starting from the grooved side of the plank facing the wall, nail the first row. Keep a distance of about 5-6” between nailing.
  10. Align the first plank along the guide and nail.
  11. Lay the following rows and nail.
  12. When you reach the last row, leave a distance of ¾” for expansion. Cut the plank if required.
  13. Install the baseboards and quarter-rounds and you are done.


  • Nail the first and last row by hand.
  • Drill holes and fixed distance of 5-6” for nailing.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

Kitchen remodeling can be an enormous task, but it is also the most rewarding home remodeling project you can do. The kitchen is also one of the two areas in your house that will bring the greatest value for your money when you sell your home. The bathroom is the other area.

The single most important aspect of successful kitchen remodeling is the design of the projected finished floor plan and elevation plan. Do your homework and design a kitchen in a way that is functional. There are many sources that can help with this task. Go to your local library, book store or home improvement center. There are also a lot of good designing shows on television. Get some ideas of what is appealing and works for you.

We will help you get started in the right direction for a great completed project. There are plenty of design ideas everywhere so utilize them. Consider everything in your planning such as:

Floor Plans: The basic layout for a kitchen remodel will be determined by the shape of the room. If your room is long and thin with everything on one wall, a straight line will work. For a larger room, think in terms of a work triangle. The three points in kitchen remodeling is the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. The shape changes as the size of the room changes and the position of the appliances change.

Kitchen Cabinet Plans:

Cabinets range from stock to semi-custom to custom to carpenter built. If you want a rustic look to your kitchen, carpenter built plywood may suffice. Stock cabinets come in specific sizes and can come assembled or not assembled. Assembled cabinets are shipped flat and assembled on the job site. These are things to consider when planning the layout of your cabinets. In a perfect world, you could design the cabinets without regard to dimensions and have them made to fit.

Counter tops Made from Formica (or plastic laminate), Ceramic Tile, Granite, Wood or Concrete:

Counter tops can range from very basic to extremely exotic. The most common is laminate as it is reasonable, durable and has been around a long time. Ceramic tile is durable, but has no tolerance for a dropped glass. Granite and marble are typically in higher-end homes and they do require some maintenance.

Wood and butcher block which is typically laminated from hardwood like maple, are not waterproof and require maintenance. Concrete is growing in popularity as it can be fabricated to look like any stone product. Concrete does require maintenance to maintain its water resistance. Stainless steel is appearing in more and more homes. Personally to me it resembles a commercial kitchen. If you entertain a lot, this might be the material for you.

Plumbing Requirements when it comes to kitchen remodeling – Plumbing is relatively easy: Where is the sink going? Is there an additional sink in the kitchen? Any other drains or supplies needed? Are you going to have an ice maker? Remember a stand-alone ice maker requires a supply and a drain.

Electrical (how many outlets and where): When making your kitchen remodeling plans, place one outlet for every 4 feet of cabinet length. Do not put outlets behind the sink or the range. Remember to add sufficient electrical capacity for all the appliances you will be using.

Lighting (both natural and artificial): Use the chart in Selecting Kitchen Lighting section of this website to determine how much light you need for your kitchen remodeling and plan to take electrical requirements accordingly. Do you want 100% functional or do you want to add in something special or perhaps mood lighting?

Sinks with a Perfect Kitchen Faucet: For sinks, do you want one bowl, two bowls, three bowls or some custom variation? There are many choices. Faucets come in an almost endless selection. What features do you want? Browse your plumbing supply house for ideas.

Floor Material: Floor coverings fall into two broad categories: 1) hard (wood, laminate, ceramic tile and stone); and 2) soft (vinyl).

Perhaps there’s a kitchen island you always wanted for food preparation. How large of a pantry do you need?

Make provisions for layout of kitchen appliances.


How large should it be?

Stainless steel or enamel

If enamel, what color?
Stove: Do you want a separate cook top and oven?

 Single or double oven

Dishwasher, disposal, micro wave (built in or counter top); and

Specialty appliances:

Where are you going to store them?

Here are some Helpful Kitchen Tips that offers useful tips for the kitchen: about the equipment of this special, oft-used room in our home. Buying guides for kitchen cutlery, small appliances, cookware and bake ware, kitchen furniture, storage and organization, plumbing, etc.

All these are questions that need to be answered before you begin with your kitchen remodeling. There are MANY things to consider in the planning stages to ensure the final product will meet all the requirements of your dream kitchen. Now is the time to plan in detail.

Home Improvement – Complete professional home improvement, room additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, finished basements, siding and roofing.

The Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home


While you are checking out the roof, clean out those gutters and downspouts. When winter comes with all that snow and ice, you want your gutters and downspouts to be clean so that the run-off will flow away from your house and not into it.

First, scrape out all the leaves and debris that are in the gutters. A garden hoe is good for this. Then you can use a high-pressure washer or hose with a spray nozzle attachment to flush out what is left in the gutters. Remember to flush out the downspouts as well.


I am talking about the seals around your windows. Dirt and debris gathers during the warmer months, especially if you have opened and closed them quite a bit. The dirt will prevent your windows from having a tight seal. This means that during the winter a lot of heat will escape from your home.

Take the time to check, clean and caulk around each window. Also, if you notice that the weather stripping is worn, replace it.

Here are a couple more fall maintenance tips!


Check the weather stripping around your doors so no draft also gets in there.


It is better to do this now instead of waiting until it gets cold.

Inspect all the pipes that are under your home. If they are not insulated, insulate them. If it looks as though the insulation needs replacing, replace it. You can buy water pipe insulation at any big box store. The installation should be pre-split down one side.

To cover your pipes, just measure the section you need to insulate, cut the insulation to that length and wrap it around the pipe a quick and easy task.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


If you have never treated your deck, now is a good time to start.

First pressure washes your entire deck;

Let it dry for at least 3 hours; and then; and

Rub on a water sealer/protestant and let it dry.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


Did you know that your carpet is supposed to be cleaned every 12-18 months? Most people, however, have them cleaned every 6-8 years. You can have the carpets cleaned for under $500 for the typical home. It extends the life of the carpet and removes allergens. Also, your home looks better.

Try this fall maintenance tip!

DUCT CLEANING: When the ducts are cleaned in your house, it is done with a super-powered vacuum that is hooked to your intake vent, and everything hiding in your ducts is swept away.

This cleaning has big impact in that not only will your heating unit run more efficiently without all the obstructions, but this will also greatly improve the air quality in your home. It is especially good for people with respiratory problems. Some companies will clean the carpets and ducts in one trip to your house. That means you will spend less money.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


Take a few moments to locate all the value shut-offs in your home. This includes:

    • the main water valve;
    • water heater valve
    • hose valves; and
    • Ice maker valves.

Make sure everyone in your family knows where each one of them is located. Also, if you are going out of town, turn the main water valve off on your way out. This is because you want to limit any pipe breaks while you are gone.

Here are additional fall maintenance tips for your home which are also important:

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;

Clean the humidifier;

Have your furnace inspected;

Sweep your chimney and clean the chimney cap;

Remove leaves and dead branches on your lawn;

Winterize your lawn by fertilizing;

Make sure all the handrails going in and out of your home are secure and steady;

Clean and lubricate kitchen drawers and hinges on kitchen cabinets and replace any latches that no longer latch properly;

Lubricate creaky locks and hinges with WD-40; and

Clean and reverse ceiling fans;

We hope these fall maintenance suggestions help prepare your home for the upcoming winter.