Choose the Colors to Paint in Your House Room

Choose the Colors to Paint in Your House Room

Select the color space where we spend most of our life is not easy, but not too complicated. It really all depends on the type of character you have, the style with which you identify and emotional moment for which you are going through.

For example, if looking to relax, so it was ideal for me to go for neutral colors such as cream or white tones in all its varieties. With these I could make a balance by placing accessories in warm shades of orange, green, red, blue, gold and red. These included them as part of my bed linen, furniture and other accessories such as portraits and decorative.

Another alternative for anyone looking for this change is to paint the walls with clear cool colors like blue, green or lavender tones which are directly related sensational of calm and relaxation. To give more prominence to the space, you can paint the walls with lighter variations and enhance the space with accessories like pillows and decorative pillows.

Painting with these colors will make our room look a little bigger than it is and give you a feeling of spaciousness and serenity that evokes the sea. The pastel pink, lavender and violet can also be applied for bedrooms, especially when it comes to rooms or adolescents.

Selecting the color

Choose two or three samples of paintings and give yourself time to review them at different times of day. At least it will take a couple of days, because you need to know if the colors you choose have the effect you’re looking for with the intensity of light and heat entering your room.
If you are looking vividness to your space, choose to build on the softer tones on the walls and smaller, intense tone accents. If it’s a shared room, agree with your partner so you both decide the color to be painted.
Combine colors will give a more natural feel to your room, use light or pastel colors on the walls, ceiling and carpets, and bright colors with dark curtains and upholstery.
Use accessories such as plants, vases and chairs to go with your color scheme throughout the room. If not count on a tight budget, choose paint everything white and balance the environment with pastel accessories like window blinds, bedspreads and pillows can add a touch of color.
Remember that rooms for children should have bright colors to convey joy and warmth. For girls can fill with bright colors on a white, in the case of the children must be very intense shades like turquoise or orange or blue with green.

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