How to Choose the Right Curling Wand

How to Choose the Right Curling Wand

It’s not like this is news, but every girl deserves and needs a great curling iron.  No matter what the season, no matter what the current trends, the number one accessory for a woman is her hair.  Long, flowing hair with a healthy curl will never go out of style.

Investing in a quality curling wand is one of the best things you can do for your in-home style toolkit. Finding the right wand sounds much easier than it actually is.

There are so many different varieties out there on the market, each claiming to be the best, of course.  Personally, I’ve gone through three of these in the last year.  One of them just died on me after a couple of months of usage.  The other just didn’t do the job.  It didn’t get hot enough.  I would have to hold the wand in place for a minute for it to work, and I simply didn’t have the patience.

My favorite curling wand

I stumbled upon an excellent review site a month ago, recommended to me by my best friend.  Not wanting to waste my time anymore sorting through product after product, I went with their number one recommended wand and I’ve never looked back.  It’s called the Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand.  What I love about it:

The quality of materials: Believe it or not, it uses a ceramic barrel infused with actual pearl.  This gives your hair smoothness and a shine that I’ve never experienced with another product of its kind.

The shape: Got to go with conical.  A cone shaped barrel gives you a more realistic, natural looking curl which is what I think we’re all going for these days.

Check out the Remington if you’re in the market.  I was happy and I’m sure you’ll be too.

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