The Cardio is Not Enough Add Weights for Strength

The Cardio is Not Enough Add Weights for Strength

This statement in obvious to most people If not obvious then it is certainly something you have heard said before! You probably have already heard how weight resistance exercises can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, increase metabolism, help prevent injuries, and look really great after you lose that weight.

Has anyone told you how you will FEEL though?

Has anyone told you that you will stand with a more erect posture after only just a few days because you can actually feel your muscles?

Has anyone told you that you will feel physically stronger after only a few days, even if there isn’t a measurable increase in actual strength?

Psychologically when you can feel your muscles your mind associates that feeling with strength, and when you feel physically stronger you also get a subconscious boost in self-confidence.

Not only will your body LOOK better after the fat layers are shed, but you will actually feel stronger inside and out. You will walk faster, your posture will be better, you will hold your head higher and straighter, and long before you see a difference in your clothing you will feel a difference in your body and people will notice a difference in your carriage. That difference will be the feeling that keeps you going back to your workout until it becomes a habit.

I feel fantastic this morning, and I can actually tell you this is why!

Now I want to share a site I came across last evening. You know, there are a lot of inspiring and motivating stories out there. If you travel the internet enough, you will find SOMETHING or SOMEBODY that will help to keep you on track. Here is the personal story of Buffed Stuff.

There was something about reading her blog last night that had me dreaming about being THAT fit. It is a state I never imagined for myself before. I don’t know if I am dedicated enough to get a ‘lifters’ body, but if an over 40 woman can transform herself to that, then I can get to looking good in a bikini again!

Talk about middle age spread I gained over 60 pounds in my early forties. I was overweight, tired, feeling old and having health problems. I could either grow worst or better I am a woman on a mission. The quest is good health and being in the best physical condition possible. I’m not looking for the fountain of youth. I just want to reap what I sow. If I eat healthy life producing foods, at least 90% of the time and I train my body with laser focused intensity at least six days per week…

How will I age?

Will I simply grow older or will I grow better? If I treat my body as a sacred temple, my mind as control center and my spirit as the source of my very being……How will it affect the way I age.

Do I go with conventional foolishness(hey your over forty you might as well neglect yourself that is what aging is all about why bother) or do I go with pure wisdom, totally against the grain and choose life? I think I will choose life and my kind of prosperity, a fit body and a happy heart, a soul that is at peace and mind that is totally in control.

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