The Cars That Work Best in Taxis

The Cars That Work Best in Taxis

Work in a taxi can be both the main one for the car enthusiast, and a way to earn extra money, which again became relevant in the conditions of the crisis. Strong competition, even in the legal business sector, reduced the cost of travel, but at the same time increased the demand for services among the population.

Taxis are inexpensive in Moscow for passengers and for taxi drivers; they provide large order services that have been in the market for quite some time. According to various surveys, the most popular taxi car is Renault Logan.

This is due to the optimal ratio of the cost of a car and its quality. But even if you drive a domestic car, you can work in a taxi. The main thing is a timely inspection, the absence of traces of accidents and damage, a decent appearance, cleanliness in the cabin and trunk, the absence of an unpleasant smell.

Top 5 best cars for taxis

In almost all ratings of “taxi cars” the following car brands appear:

  • “Renault Logan”;
  • Leda Grant and Leda Prior;
  • Ford Fiesta
  • “Daewoo Xenia”;
  • “Skoda Octavia.”

All these cars have a fairly powerful engine that can withstand the daily load, affordable maintenance and a comfortable interior. Of course, many companies, taking into account the expectations and requirements of customers, offer VIP transport services.

But the main target audience is middle-class people who need to find a taxi cheaply in Moscow. Accordingly, they do not present sky-high requirements for the car enough “fresh” decent cars with a polite driver who knows the way, or knows how to handle the navigator.

If you yourself do not want to engage in passenger transportation, but have a car that you do not use by taxi services, you can rent it to them. The contract defines all operating conditions, including compensation for damage in the event of an accident and other breakdowns. Thus, you can earn extra money without putting much effort into it.

However, be prepared for the fact that in a couple of years the car will exhaust its potential and will be suitable only for short trips to work, or to the country. But, perhaps, during this time you can already earn yourself a new car.

Thus, a taxi cheaply, efficiently and safely in Moscow is the dream of any passenger. Having established itself in the market, you can earn a taxi even with a low order value And which car and how to make money on it is up to you to decide.

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