The Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

The Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home


While you are checking out the roof, clean out those gutters and downspouts. When winter comes with all that snow and ice, you want your gutters and downspouts to be clean so that the run-off will flow away from your house and not into it.

First, scrape out all the leaves and debris that are in the gutters. A garden hoe is good for this. Then you can use a high-pressure washer or hose with a spray nozzle attachment to flush out what is left in the gutters. Remember to flush out the downspouts as well.


I am talking about the seals around your windows. Dirt and debris gathers during the warmer months, especially if you have opened and closed them quite a bit. The dirt will prevent your windows from having a tight seal. This means that during the winter a lot of heat will escape from your home.

Take the time to check, clean and caulk around each window. Also, if you notice that the weather stripping is worn, replace it.

Here are a couple more fall maintenance tips!


Check the weather stripping around your doors so no draft also gets in there.


It is better to do this now instead of waiting until it gets cold.

Inspect all the pipes that are under your home. If they are not insulated, insulate them. If it looks as though the insulation needs replacing, replace it. You can buy water pipe insulation at any big box store. The installation should be pre-split down one side.

To cover your pipes, just measure the section you need to insulate, cut the insulation to that length and wrap it around the pipe a quick and easy task.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


If you have never treated your deck, now is a good time to start.

First pressure washes your entire deck;

Let it dry for at least 3 hours; and then; and

Rub on a water sealer/protestant and let it dry.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


Did you know that your carpet is supposed to be cleaned every 12-18 months? Most people, however, have them cleaned every 6-8 years. You can have the carpets cleaned for under $500 for the typical home. It extends the life of the carpet and removes allergens. Also, your home looks better.

Try this fall maintenance tip!

DUCT CLEANING: When the ducts are cleaned in your house, it is done with a super-powered vacuum that is hooked to your intake vent, and everything hiding in your ducts is swept away.

This cleaning has big impact in that not only will your heating unit run more efficiently without all the obstructions, but this will also greatly improve the air quality in your home. It is especially good for people with respiratory problems. Some companies will clean the carpets and ducts in one trip to your house. That means you will spend less money.

Here is another fall maintenance tip!


Take a few moments to locate all the value shut-offs in your home. This includes:

    • the main water valve;
    • water heater valve
    • hose valves; and
    • Ice maker valves.

Make sure everyone in your family knows where each one of them is located. Also, if you are going out of town, turn the main water valve off on your way out. This is because you want to limit any pipe breaks while you are gone.

Here are additional fall maintenance tips for your home which are also important:

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;

Clean the humidifier;

Have your furnace inspected;

Sweep your chimney and clean the chimney cap;

Remove leaves and dead branches on your lawn;

Winterize your lawn by fertilizing;

Make sure all the handrails going in and out of your home are secure and steady;

Clean and lubricate kitchen drawers and hinges on kitchen cabinets and replace any latches that no longer latch properly;

Lubricate creaky locks and hinges with WD-40; and

Clean and reverse ceiling fans;

We hope these fall maintenance suggestions help prepare your home for the upcoming winter.

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