The Putting in a Final Battle With Your Week Health

The Putting in a Final Battle With Your Week Health

With the memory of this past (or still current) winter’s snow drifts growing more faint, and spring about to arrive in a few days, it seems like Old Man Winter is struggling to hold on.  Lately, I am spending more time outdoors – it’s funny, people in NYC generally when outdoors are shod, while indoors, though mainly restricted to their homes, might go barefoot.

On the contrary, when I’m outdoors, I’m barefoot all the time, but indoors at some venues, I have something on my feet – as of lately – my foot ornaments that give the shoe police and business owners the false impression that I have on shoes.

With the weather, still fluctuating from cold to really warm to cool again, most of the population is still debating whether to jump into spring with both feet – (in my case, both bare feet), while their more cautious voice tells them to keep their coats on as well as their winter boots and socks.  It seems like nature is having this same debate.  I’ve been doing double runs now in the park and near the entrance; there is this little island of snow that simply does not want to go away!

So many people I’ve spoken to are poised to boot winter out of the picture, but on a certain note, this slab of ice gives me a good feeling.  It is as if someone is telling it, “look around you.  Your friends are all gone.  It’s time for you to go to, and the snow responds, “no way.  I’m not quite ready to leave yet,” or simply does not want to be rushed, or, wants to prove to the world, the nay Sayers, that despite all odds, it will stand its own ground.

This summarizes my attitude with people who wish to impose their beliefs on me and decide what’s good and what isn’t.  The snow provides me a reminder of that as well as the reminder of another barefoot winter, and my first winter where absent from my feet the entire time were a pair of socks.

Today really felt like the first day of spring.  Most people still have on their long sleeves and closed shoes and socks, but then there are those who are jumping into the warm weather with two bare feet – leaving their boots, socks or stockings in their drawers in favor of flip flops.  While working today in my Wi-Fi hot spot, I noticed a young lady next to me who was sitting comfortably barefoot with her sneakers and socks under her seat.  I was wondering whether it was the warm weather that prompted her to remove them while indoors, or whether she would have done the same indoors if the weather was cold outside, since she put them back on prior to leaving.

Yesterday the weather was not as warm, but enough for me to spend the entire day dressed minimally.  It started out with a 7 mile barefoot run in the park.  I had gotten so warm, that by the third mile, I removed my shirt and hung it from a tree branch before continuing.  When I returned, it was gone.

I really did like that shirt, but at the same time, I felt so delighted to walk back to my car with only one item of clothing – my shorts, that after making a quick stop at the gym to shower and wash up, decided to spend the rest of the day in my shirtless state.

The weather was still in the 50′F, and people dressed in coats, layers, shoes and socks looked on in bewilderment at a barefoot person, wearing nothing but a pair of short cut-off shorts out in public, electing to put on a top only when entering establishments and removing it again once outdoors.  Several people, mostly women smiled at the sight.

Most people will get discouraged as the temperature drops again next week, but like the snow drift fighting the onset of the spring, this weather will give them the perseverance to resist the colder weather.  Though closed shoes and socks will continue to be the norm for the next month in a half, there will be that steadily growing niche that will rush to get into their flip flops and be barefoot as much as possible in anticipation of the warm weather.

As for me, I’m ready to leave the sleeves and pants in the drawer in favor of my shorts and continue to go barefoot which I have been doing already from the winter.  At the same time, I’ll go topless as often as possible, but if you happen to find a blue sweatshirt somewhere in the park, let me know!

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