The Sanyo G 1 Best Auto Racing Championship

The Sanyo G 1 Best Auto Racing Championship

Good evening, the

GI Kyodo News Cup Premium Cup, which is being held at the Sanyo Racecourse, will be the championship tomorrow.

Here are the comments from the eight racers who won the semi-final race, which was an unfortunate rain run. 1. Daisuke Nagai Morning practice was intended to use the inside and race, but we ran outside because everyone was running outside. I could not open the grip because of the lift, but now I can open the last few laps. Tomorrow, we will set around the running conditions and handle around tires and forks.

Satoshi Okabe’s first lap, three corners was a game. On the first lap I wanted to be in a good place. I could run the course I had expected from the top, the engine was not perfect, but the car was going well for four days. I don’t particularly care about maintenance, but I will consider the tires based on tomorrow’s situation.

I want to make my own development and race early tomorrow.

Masataka Hirata

There was good at practicing in the morning and was able to race with confidence.

I couldn’t set my pace since I went up to 2nd, but I feel like I’m getting faster as the number of laps increases. It flows well and is easy to ride. Since S is not expired, I want to make it expire tomorrow.

Mitsugu Takahashi

Today, the morning practice was not good, so if I adjusted the sound, both the test run and the race were responsive. In the latter half, it was difficult to ride, so I needed more power for the engine, so I adjusted it and adjusted the settings according to the situation.

I have to think about taking a race tomorrow

Masamichi Higashiono’s

The engine has been improved by changing the cylinder. Although it was a top start, S went carefully. It was a setting to run inside, but everyone ran outside but slipped because they ran outside. If it rains tomorrow, I will try setting outside.

Daisuke Kaneko

They gave up, but I felt comfortable. Scut well. There was a slip, but it was strong straight and the corner stopped. I ran away with a mate, but it was a big hit. Hope is rain because I don’t think it will be a good match. The rain works well, so I just need to fit the engine. I will look for tires tomorrow.

Satoshi Arao

The rain was not good at the course. I tried all sorts of things and ran all the courses. Tomorrow, we will do enough to do revenge. 8. Masakazu Ikeda Although I ‘m not good in the rain, I ran outside and outside because the outside worked well after a long absence. I was lucky at the end.

Since there was a tilt, I will handle around the fork. I think that the wet runway can be taken as it is if the outside works.

The Super Cup Championship Trial Trial participation points will be added to players with first to third place, and the Premium Cup championship.

Please look forward to it!

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