The Savvy Shopper Best Choice for Shopping

The Savvy Shopper Best Choice for Shopping

There is a magical place where deals on home decor can become an absolutely fabulous place to rejoin the fab-home-fashion club.

Have you ever read a home interiors magazine and seen the recommended shopping locations for the most chic and in-style retro pieces?

Generally, these places are local flea-market, consignment shops, vintage boutiques, and antique markets. These are the places to find the treasures from the past of fashion while saving a tremendous amount in the process.

Retro fashions are the biggest “In” trends right now. Pick up any home style magazine and all you’ll see are armchairs circa, floor lamp circa, or hand woven retro rug circa. The biggest of the big are pieces that have flown to us all the way from the 40’s into our home. Mixing and matching the punchiest of patterns with the sleekest of textures can equal fabulous.

Top designers agree it is all about the fabric, the design, layout, and the spell-it-out-loud appeal of the 1960’s. The appeal of mix-and-match fashion is bubbling over with extremes from one scheme to the next. Shopping at vintage stores will promise to deliver some savvy extras around the house, but what about bigger furniture? When it comes to furniture I would recommend attending a few local flea markets and consignment shoppers.

These sweet local shops can be a treasure finder’s heaven and can bless you with some pieces that are one in a million items. The general idea is to look for the scratch and dents, look for antiqued surfaces and creaky-looking chairs. You can reupholster anything, and definitely salvage certain items with a quick coat of paint.

Decorating your home on a dime can be a snap all you have to do is your homework. Always take a few swatches of material, or strips of paint sample sheets in order to match and mix colors that you already have throughout your home.

To do this accurately, when you are painting a room or an area of your home, be sure to take an index card and swipe a sample of paint onto the card. Keep these sample pages for times such as this. Do not focus on matching too forcefully.

The most modern of homes share a hint standard color and blending colors, but also they carry an over-tone of confusing color to make the eyes follow the whole room. Taking the safe way out by matching every single piece can easily lead to eye-boredom, plus, the mix-and-match designs generally cost less because they lack matching pieces; lucky you!

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