The Shopping for Your New Cat

The Shopping for Your New Cat

When you bring a new cat into your home, there are a few things you’ll need to have to maintain the health and happiness of your feline friend. The basics you’ll need are the ones we all need to survive, food and water, shelter, somewhere to go to the bathroom, and loving care. A few other things you’ll need to look into are toys to keep them occupied for times when you’re not home and exercise, treats, etc…

The first thing you will need to establish before the cat or kitten enters your home is how much of the house they will be allowed to wander, and whether or not they are indoor or outdoor, or both. The reason this is a crucial step it because you’ll need to know if you need a litter box, where to put it if so, and how to block off areas of your household.

If you plan on having an indoor cat you will need a litter-box, litter for the box, and possibly extras such as a mat to limit the spread of the litter, and a smell capture (which could be anything from a glade scent, to a filter on the box itself). If you plan on an indoor and outdoor cat you’ll need pet stain remover for “accidents” and may consider a litter box for winters if you live in a seasonal area with cold winters.

When looking for a litter-box there are many things to consider, and it may take some trial and error in finding what works best for you and your cat. The type of box is the first step.

How much containment will you prefer as well as your cat willing to enter it?

What size?

How deep?

You can go to your local pet shop or a basic store like Wal-Mart to find the many variety’s and talk with the people who work there or own cats for suggestions. For the best Oder protection you can find, a closed plastic box with a flap to enter will be your best choice, although, like humans, some cats get claustrophobic and won’t enter, so if you try this be on the lookout for accidents.

For cat food, you can go with a “for all life stages”, or find the specific type of food for made for the type of cat and age. There are foods designed for indoor cats, kittens, and older cats. You have the choices of soft or dry food, and depending on your price range, and what your cat enjoys, you’ll most likely settle on a favorite.

You will need to keep a water dish down at all times for their use. You can get a specific dish or use one you happen to have in the kitchen and don’t use often.

The list of things you can get for your cat range from scratching posts to special dispensable water dishes, and you can go as crazy as you want in making your cat feel at home, it’s fun shopping for them and in some places, even bring them along!

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